USA Dance (Portland) Chapter #1006

About Us

Portland Chapter ##1006

Our USA Dance Portland Chapter is a non-profit organization dedicated to promote and support ballroom dance for youth and adults of all ages to strengthen the greater Portland, Oregon community. We strive to grow awareness and participation in the dance sport of Competitive Ballroom Dancing as well as encouraging social dancing with the local dance studios.

Currently, we host 3 events each year: The PDX Ballroom Classic (January 11, 2014), The River City Ball (June 14, 2014) and a two day egional competition for Northwest Dance Sport Championship (October 11, 2014 and 12, 2014).We are always looking for enthusiastic members and volunteers.

Board Members

The present board will serve through December 2014. The Board members have agreed to serve in the following capacities:

Important Volunteers:

There are, of course, many other members who make things happen!
If you would like to come to a meeting or request information on how you can also help, please send contact us at, or select the appropriate board member on our contact us page.